5 Stunning Surface Laptop 3 Cases and Sleeves

The new Surface Laptop 3 packs impressive features and leaves its predecessors behind with improved specs and aesthetics. This was the first one in the Surface laptop series to feature a full metal chassis. Hence, it is a reliable device carrying elegance with sturdiness.

To leverage the Surface laptops capabilities, you ought to pick some essential Surface Laptop accessories.

But safety comes even before ergonomics. We understand that Surface Laptop 3 is your most prized possession. Considering its fragility, you intensely want to protect it. 

Therefore, getting it enveloped in a sleeve or a case will be the next most sensible purchase after the device itself.

Without being adequately sleeved, your Surface 3 would be vulnerable and exposed to scratches all the time, even inside the bag.

There are many options but, with experts’ advice, we have curated a comprehensive list of only 5 best Surface Laptop 3 cases and sleeves. This is to help you come to a conclusion and decide.

You can take your device around anywhere with these protective guards on.  

Rest assured, our team has outlined only the best picks for your mobile workstation.

Each unit goes beyond its call of duty, meeting safety standards against drops backed with aesthetic appeals to turn heads on your morning commute. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Business Portfolio Laptop Cases and Sleeves for the Serious Ones

These surface 3 laptop cases/sleeves are for those users who set simplicity with functionality as the primary criteria to make their decisions. They are the best “non-flashy” options suited for business environments boasting decent and practical layout.

1 - Surface Laptop 3 - 13.5" Leather Sleeve – Lucrin Geneva

 Price: $199.00/£155.62

Surface Laptop 3 sleeve Lucrin Geneva
Image Source: Lucrin.com

Point of Preference – Highlighting Feature:


The highest quality grade of leather contributes to this sleeve’s durability. This sleeve is oriented vertically and easily slips into hands and backpacks. 

Its curves are neatly and sewn to precision to guard against rigors of daily life, absorbing shocks and impacts.

Moreover, the full-grain leather of this sleeve will only improve in its natural luster as it ages.

Why Did This Sleeve Make It To Our List?

Nothing quite carries elegance with style as leather does. Lucrin Geneva has marked its name with years of service in premium leather goods.

The fitting of the case fitted so perfectly to our precious device that it needed absolutely no snap buttons to protect the laptop from falling when inverted. You will feel the platina starting to build as soon as you start using it. 

This sleeve was breathable, classy, durable, impact-resistant and enveloped our Surface Laptop 3 snugly. Hence, left us no choice to pick any other in the high-end range. This is our most recommended sleeve on the expensive side because we assure you of its lifelong rewards.

  • Perfect fitting: 

This sleeve is designed to the millimetre, completely enveloping the 13.5″ Surface Laptop 3 padding it from all over.

Look at the image below for a more precise idea.

Surface Laptop 3 Sleeve Lucrin Geneva
Image Source: Lucrin.com
  • Scratch Resistance: 

This sleeve has a super-soft microfiber interior that guards the laptop’s exterior against minor scuffs and damage from scratches. 

  • Durable Beyond Measure:

As mentioned above, the full-grain leather fabric of this sleeve accounts for its life-long durability.

  • Dust Resistant:

With its curves designed to excellence, this leather sleeve protects any dust from reaching your expensive gear.

  • Lightweight: 

It comes in a slim package and doesn’t add on to unnecessary bulk to your laptop. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

Unlike other similar leather brands, Lucrin didn’t stick to a cliché set of one or two dull colors. 

Instead, it played with colors and designs to offer a sublime palette of colors for both the granulated and the smooth leather.

  • Customization Facility:

You have complete liberty to customize your Microsoft Surface Laptop cover/sleeve with contrast color thread, adding monograms or adding a unique engraving.

Drawbacks to Consider:

The primary disadvantage to find with this particular sleeve is its high price.

It is easy to catch stains.

Who Should Buy This Sleeve? Verdict:

Lucrin Geneva leather sleeve is ideal for those who want something for their laptop that will last a lifetime. 

Those having a daily and frequent use of laptops will find this pick worth it. 

This is mainly designed for business settings to hold up to everyday grinds and scratches. 

It will beautifully develop its natural sheen the more you use it instead of wearing up.

2. Honeycase Folio Stand Protective Case - 13.5" and 15" Surface Laptop 3 Case/ Surface Laptop 2 Case.

Price: $60.99/£47.68

Point of Preference – Highlighting Feature:

Budget Pick:

Honeycase leather case gets the job done with affordability. It is composed of PU leather, which is the closest to genuine leather in terms of feel and looks. 

Therefore, this case offers the best price (under $60 and £47) for the protection and functionality it features. 

Tests Underwent:

  • Water-Resistance Test: Passed!

When subjected to water spray, this Surface Laptop 3 case impressed us with its exceptional resistance to water.

  • Scratch Test:  Nailed it!

We used our hand nails, sharpened knives, and some scissors to test the case for scratch-resistance. The quilted microfiber interior padding took the wear and tear with excellence. 

But Where Is The Strength Coming From?

The added strength came from the advanced technology used to combine the two different fabrics; PU leather and microfiber in the making of this case.

This deadly combination develops many useful properties of genuine leather in it. Being anti-scratch is just one of them.

Why Did This Case Make It To Our List?

This one got us hooked for its overall usability, fulfilling its purpose of “safe commute” effortlessly. In this price , it was the only Surface Laptop 3 case providing all the features we were looking for.

Our team just couldn’t resist adding it to our recommendations. 

Its dual-toned high-end leather-esque class, accompanied by a minimal price tag, was unavoidable. 

Let us enlighten you with the standout features that left us no option but to add it to the list.

  • Compatibility: (13.5” and 15”) :

One variant of this case is designed exclusively for the 13.5” Surface Laptop 3 with dimension (W * D * H): 308.1 mm x 223.27 mm x 14.48 mm.

The other variant houses the 15” Surface Laptop 3 with the dimension (W * D * H):339.5mm * 244mm * 14.69mm with perfection.

Since the inner lining has a microfiber build, its elasticity makes the case snugly take the shape of the 15” Surface Laptop 3.


  • Ports Accessibility:

A laptop case dedicated to users’ comfort will facilitate access to accessories.

This case is designed to detail following the Surface Laptop 3.

It features cutouts where Surface Laptop 3 has memory and wireless card slots, headphone jacks, and charging port.

  • Improved Scratch Defense:

The soft inner microfiber lining of this case insulates the laptop against shocks, scratches, and scuffs.

  • Pen holder: 

The considerate designing of this case includes a Surface 3 stylus holder, which reduces the chances of losing your pen.

  • Color options:

This case comes in five different colors, all sober ones that easily blend into business settings. These colors help maintain a low profile and include black, blue, red, light grey, and brown.

  • Magnetic closure:

The folio-stand in the case has a magnetic closure. This helps to keep the Surface Laptop 3 in place.

  • Hand strap:

An elastic hand strap further reinforces the closure to keep your laptop from falling on-the-go.

Honeycase Folio Stand Surface Laptop 3 Case
Image Source: amazon.com

Drawbacks to Consider:

  • It is slightly bulky.
  • PU lamination is not as durable as genuine leather. This case will crack with age (after a good 7 to 8 years)
  • The Honeycase Surface Laptop 3 case is not rugged, so it will lag in protecting your device against falls compared to the heavy-duty ones. 

Who Should Buy This Sleeve? Verdict:

Without spending a fortune on this essential laptop accessory, this case is a safe and fruitful investment.

Honeycase case is a hit option among daily commuters who are the most concerned about the safety of their virtual office.

However, this case is a misfit in extreme weather conditions as it is not completely water-proof. So, you can’t go hiking with this case on.

However, we highly recommend this case for a student or an executive, looking for a refined manner to carry their Surface Laptop 3.

Users justify the bulk it adds to the overall gear for its sturdy build and the protection it gives in the fairest price marking. The Polyurethane exterior aids the case to withstand road rash, whereas, the soft microfiber interior absorbs the shocks from falls. 

The PU lamination makes room for sophisticated designs to be crafted on it. Besides, the range of colors it comes in makes sure there is something for everyone.

The Perfect Rugged and Hard-shell Cases for Adventurous Users

Price: $79.95/£62.50

STM Dux case Surface Laptop 3
Image Source: stmgoods.com

Point of Preference – Highlighting Feature:

Tactile Non-Slip Grip:

This case protects your Surface 3 laptop through and through. It is embodied with a hybrid rubber and polycarbonate framework.

The combination of these two materials reinforces superior shock absorption when dropped.

This single feature gives it an edge over Microsoft Surface Laptop shell cases.

All Tests Underwent

  • 360° MIL-Spec Drop Protection Test:

When tested against drops and scrapes, this case successfully passed the military standards for protection. 

The case underwent 26 falls from a height of 4 feet and continued to perform all operational functions smoothly.

It means they can easily withstand pressure, shatter, and resist water. Therefore, this hard-core gear can be a good companion on adventurous hiking trips too!

Why Did This Case Make It To Our List?

A lot of things were taken into consideration when designing the STM Dux case. Our team loved its meticulous layout.

  • Transparent Back Panel:

Flaunt away your Laptop customization while having the guard on as the case has a transparent rear panel.

You can also find the Surface Laptop 2 case in this series.

Even if there is no personalized style imprinted, the see-through case simply lets you slay your Surface 3’s original premium aluminum finish. 

Moreover, you also get to scan the barcodes on the device. 

  • Firm Grip On Smooth Surfaces:

The textured rubber feet give extra hold to your Surface Laptop 3 so that they don’t slide down and fall off smooth surfaces.

  • Textured Bumpers:

This Microsoft Surface Laptop hard case features textured bumpers, which enables it to brave the everyday shocks and make sure the device stays in place against slippery surfaces.

  • Optional Tether Slot:

The tether point easily gets detached from the case. If you are comfortable without it, simply clip it off.

STM Dux Surface Laptop 3 cse
Image Source: stmgoods.com
  • No Obstruction to Functions: 

This case maximizes your experience for Surface 3. It is strategically designed with cutouts at proper positions for ports, buttons, and cameras.

So, you enjoy access to all functionalities with the physical guard put on.

  • Built-In Handy Tether Point:

Easily slide in your stylus through the pen holder at the side. This option makes using pen and noting down important stuff quickly when you are on-the-go.

  • Clip-On Installation:

It is a no-brainer to install or remove this case from your Surface Laptop 3. The TPU clip-on installation makes the process effortless. 

  • Slim Profile:

The slim profile of this case compliments the sleek design of Surface Laptop 3.

Further, it makes the gear super light and convenient to carry.

Drawbacks To Consider:

We couldn’t develop any significant deficiencies this case has to offer besides being a little overpriced.

Who Should Buy This Case? Verdict:

This case will perfectly fit for those who wouldn’t mind investing a few more dollars for their valuable Surface Laptop 3. 

For the degree of protection that comes with this case, the price tag of $79.95/£62.5 is entirely justified.  

4. mCover Hard-Shell Case for 13.5'' Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Price: $21.67/£16.92

mCover Surface Laptop 3 case
Image Source: walmartimages.com

Point of Preference – Highlighting Feature:

Enhanced Protection:

The iPearl mCover Microsoft Surface laptop shell-case focuses on providing the protection your Surface Laptop 3 requires with a reasonable price-tag.

Its DOW polycarbonate framework provides protective coverage to your laptop, absorbing impact while maintaining its slim profile. 

Tests Underwent:

Impact Resistance tests: Passed!

This case had to undergo the standard test for impact resistance, and hands down this case featured immense tensile strength. 

Features of the iPearl mCover Surface laptop 2 case are quite similar.

Why Did This Case Make It To Our List?

This is one of the safest Microsoft Surface laptop covers we could come up with for your laptop to take it through the entire day in one piece. 

It is a must purchase if you frequently go out and about on adventurous trips.

Let’s have a more detailed look at the features that left us with no options.

Shatterproof: (hands down feature for us)

This case has a hard-shell exterior composed of polycarbonate, which makes it survive even the most stressful of conditions.

  • Lightweight:

Thanks to the polycarbonate coating, this case is feather-light in weight. You won’t feel any difference with or without the case on.

  • Easy Installation:

This case is designed in a way to correctly take the shape of your Surface Laptop 3. This helps in easy installation, which is further facilitated by the flexibility of the polycarbonate material.

  • Available In An Assortment Of Colors:

The range of colors this case comes available in will leave you in confusion to make a choice. 

There are a total of nine rich tone-on-tone colors, each more attractive and vibrant than the other.

  • Form-Fitting:

This case is designed to keep all the curves and details of Surface laptop 3 into close consideration. 

This results in providing a custom fit that naturally translates into better coverage. When putting on, there remains no corner of the laptop uncovered.

  • Ports Accessibility:

All ports and charging slots are accessible.

  • Built-in Retractable Foldable Feet:

It comes with a retractable stand that favors the typing ergonomics.

Drawbacks To Consider: 

The only minus there exists, in this Microsoft Surface laptop hard case, is that it doesn’t meet the Military Grade Drop standards. 

Therefore, although it provides impact resistance significantly, it will not encounter the harshest of drops as a rugged case will do.

Who Should Buy This Case? Verdict:

This case will take fancy of those who want an ideal blend of looks, affordability, and protection in their case. 

This case will only compromise on protection against falls from heights. Therefore, this case is your thing if you can be a little cautious regarding this factor.

For all the right reasons, this case is no less than an asset for budget-conscious buyers. 

Sleeve for Those Who Prefer Hand-Made Luxurious Safety Gears

If pure luxury is what you are after, you will be more than delighted with our last suggested sleeve. 

We generally don’t recommend holding back money when it comes to protective equipment unless you get a competitive alternative for cheap.

Check this last option out that will compliment your portable lifestyle. 

With its high-end looks, showcasing functionality at the same time, it is a real head-turner.

5. One Set - 13.5'' and 15'' Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Sleeve

Price: $49.00/£38.15

One Set Surface Laptop 3 Sleeve
Image Source: etsystatic.com

Point of Preference – Highlighting Feature:

Enhanced Resilience: 

Two factors team up to take the strength of this sleeve to the next level:

-Made up of genuine leather that only matures with age

-Hand-made sleeve

Why Did This Sleeve Make It To Our List?

We were taken back for the price One Set was offering for this professional-grade style. This case is inevitably worth more than its value in money. 

Its luxurious finish and protection quality of protection compelled us the most to include it in our top 5 sleeve picks for Surface laptop 3.

Here’s a tour of some of its most appealing features.

  • Scratch-Resistant:

The genuine leather fights exceptionally well and keeps the laptop distant from scratches at an arm’s length.

  • Added Strength:

The integration of 12 stranded nylon thread in the composition of this sleeve, results in enhancing the following properties:


-Abrasion resistance


  • Easy To Clean:

It literally takes a single wipe to clean the sleeve. The nylon fabric is exceptionally soft and smooth, which doesn’t hold on to dirt too tightly. 

  • Two Front Pockets:

The front face of this sleeve features two separate compartments.

Slide-in any of your accessories, including mobile, charger, etc. and make the most of this handy feature.

  • Variety Of Colors:

You can get this sleeve in twelve different colors ranging from baby pink to dark black.

One Set Surface Laptop 3 Sleeve
Image Source: etsystatic.com
  • Durability:

Embrace countless years of reassurance with this purchase. Carved with thick, genuine leather, users love buying this sleeve for fulfilling its promise for superior protection. 

  • Sleek Form:

What gives this particular sleeve an edge over the rest is its unmatched sleekness and sophisticated aesthetic.

The pro look it features comes as a consequence of a high-grade leather framework.

Drawbacks To Consider:

Although this sleeve is under-priced for its class, it will still not fit in everyone’s budget.

Who Should Buy This Sleeve? Verdict:

Irrespective of gender, this sleeve is a prime pick of aesthetes.

At $49.0, this is actually a steal deal for a sleeve made of genuine leather. Remember, it will age gracefully and prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Final Thoughts

I hope my post succeeded in giving you clarity of mind to decide which sleeve is the most ideal for your laptop. 

We would like to hear from you which case or sleeve appealed the most to you and why. 

Feel free to ask any questions related to what you have read here. We will be privileged to solve your ambiguities, if any

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